Dog kennels and facilities

Bethells Farmstay for Dogs has all the facilities needed - from cosy indoor housing and comfortable dog kennels to wide open fields and fun play areas - to give your dog a fun, safe holiday while you're away !

Bethells Beach Farmstay for Dogs

The play area

To make their holiday as much fun as yours, we have special play areas where the dogs can have fun under supervision, giving them a chance to make new friends and test their agility!

Bethells Beach Farmstay for Dogs

The exercise area

We have three seperate areas for our guests to spend all day running and playing. These areas are separated into dog size and energy levels and are securely enclosed for your dogs safety. We can give even the most energetic dog a good workout!

Bethells Beach Farmstay for Dogs

The waterhole

Fed from a freshwater spring, complete with jetty and ramp surrounded by lots of mature trees. A great way to cool off after spending all day chasing round!

Bethells Beach Farmstay for Dogs

The chill-out lounge

At the end of a day of playing, running and swimming, we have custom built lounge areas for your dog to relax, with couches, blankets and all the comfort of home. We even have the radio or television on 24 hours a day.

Bethells Beach Farmstay for Dogs

Sleeping arrangements

Our little guests have the choice of 'floating areas' in our chalets or doggie lounge, complete with couches and hammock beds. We also provide crates for the dogs that are crate trained.

Some guests prefer to sleep in the cutest playhouses, complete with their own verandahs and outside areas. They are fitted with carpet & mini beds for their comfort. The houses are situated directly beside the family home, so the little dogs can see and hear our family which keeps them content.

Our bigger guests are housed in safe, clean, cosy kennels also near the family home so there are plenty of stimulating things for them to see all day.

We also provide inside accommodation with crates and air conditioning.

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