​Terms and conditions: 

Prices are subject to change without notice During the period of boarding, Bethells Farmstay for Dogs will exercise every possible care and attention to the welfare and safety of all dogs in our care. However, the Owner must understand and accept the risks involved with dogs in an open play environment (for example: minor injuries and common dog ailments) and and will not hold Bethells Farmstay for Dogs liable for damages, loss and costs outside of their control. We reserve the right to require your emergency contact person to remove your dog from our premises for any reason (including without limitation where your dog is causing undue stress to other dogs, is aggressive or barking persistently to our sole opinion) You acknowledge & agree that we are bound by Auckland Councils noise regulations and we will not accommodate an overly vocal dog above reasonable levels of barking at any time. You acknowledge & agree that during your dogs stay here, there is a risk & possibility of your dog acquiring kennel cough (Canine Cough) – this occurs in even the most hygienic & well ventilated kennels. Kennel cough can be acquired from any dog from neighbours, to dog parks, groomers. It can even be acquired while at the vets. A kennel cough vaccination does not cover every strand of kennel cough, just as the flu jab does not cover every strand of flu in humans. We accept no liability for your dog acquiring kennel cough during its stay here. Owners accept the responsibility to disclose all relevant information pertaining to their dog with regards to behaviour problems, aggression, allergies, injuries, sexual state or other history associated with caring for their dog(s). Bethells Farmstay for Dogs reserve the right to refuse any dog with a problem they believe may hinder their ability to care for that dog effectively. Owners agree to be solely responsible for any harm caused by their dog while staying at Bethells Farmstay for Dogs, and release Bethells Farmstay for Dogs from any and all liability arising from your dog’s participation. Any and all necessary Veterinary or Medical care required and costs incurred as a result of any incident caused by your dog will be the sole responsibility of you, the dog owner. Should any dog become aggressive or anti-social to a point where there is a risk of injury to itself, any other dog or person, that dog will be contained in an appropriate manner until the risk is mitigated or alternative arrangements/accommodation can be made with the Owner/Secondary contact of the dog. Owners understand and accept that a Veterinary Surgeon will be called if Bethells Farmstay for Dogs think it necessary & any resulting fees will be payable by the Owner at time of collection. In all cases all effort will be made to contact the Owner or an alternative contact and give a full explanation of the situation. A cost of $40 return will be charged if your dog needs to be transported to the vet. All dogs staying at Bethells Farmstay for Dogs must be fully vaccinated; wormed and flea treated, and provide current proof of vaccination on arrival. Failure to provide a valid vaccination card for each dog staying gives Bethells Farmstay for Dogs the right to refuse boarding. Vaccinations required: Parvo Virus, Distemper, Hepatitis (Vanguard5) Every 3 years, and not more recent than 5 days. Leptosprosis and Kennel Cough. Yearly and not more recent than 5 days. Bethells Farmstay for Dogs reserve the right to administer worming/flea products if deemed necessary at the Owner’s expense. Owners understand Bethells Farmstay for Dogs accept no financial responsibility for collars, leads, bedding, toys, cages etc. A full day is charged for your first day of boarding irrespective of the time you drop off. If you pick up prior to 10.30am, there is no charge for that day, with the exception of Public Holidays, where a full day is charged irrespective of pickup times. Saturday pick up & drop offs are 8.30-10.30am only. Sunday pickups and dropoffs are 3.00 to 5.00pm only. Dropoffs and pickups are between 8.30am and 10.30am and 3.00 to 5.00pm. These times must be strictly adhered to as outside these times the gate will be locked for security reasons and to ensure the safety of your precious dog. Peak times of the year, which include 20th December through to 20th January, school holidays and public holidays incur an additional $5 charge per night. Minimum stays may also apply during peak times and a deposit may be required for longer bookings or new clients. Should Bethells Farmstay for Dogs need to cancel a booking for unforeseen reasons, the Customer will be contacted at the earliest opportunity and returned any deposits or payments relating to that booking. Customers agree to release Bethells Farmstay for Dogs from any and all liability arising from the cancellation of that booking. Owners are responsible for dropping dogs off at the agreed time arranged at the time of booking. If there is no attempt to make contact to advise of a late arrival, after 2 hours, Bethells Farmstay for Dogs will consider the customer is a ‘no show’ and has the right give the available space to another Customer and to refuse boarding. Cancellations are required with no less than 48 hours notice, failure to contact us gives Bethells Farmstay for Dogs the right to refuse any future bookings. Any dog not collected within 7 days of the agreed date of collection may be relinquished to local authority for responsibility, unless satisfactory communication is received from the Owner within this period.